About Us

About Us


Meeting Your Deadline is Our Goal.

Safety Program:

Our priority is to keep everybody safe while on the road. We hire only dedicated and experienced drivers.

All drivers are required and enrolled in our company’s safety program on hire.

All of our loads are tracked with GPS.


We are a family owned trucking company started in 2012.  I started the company with the premise of the hard work of a driver and became an owner operator.


We provide ongoing training to our drivers to keep them up to date with ongoing Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations.

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Our drivers are an important part of our expert team!

Safety is First!

Our drivers are an important part of our expert team, and we only hire experienced drivers who are dedicated to us.

  •    Ongoing extensive training program
  •    Rigorous safety benchmarking systems in place
  •    Compliance with current DOT regulations